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Bison will pick up and transport your Heat Exchanger by utilizing our fleet of specially designed trailers that are covered and fully contained. We can safely and securely transport bundles or complete heat exchangers.


Our Team will customize and execute a specific Hydroblasting or Chemical cleaning solution to address the flow or heat transfer challenges our Customer may be facing. And we can do so whether for process, ECT or IRIS.


After the Asset has been certified clean and inspected by Quality Control, if repairs are required or recommended, our Team of Engineers and Craftsmen will complete all mechanical work scope and NDE according to the Customer-approved repair plan.

Our Company

Bison Specialty Services was created from a desire to combine the right expertise and experience so as to bring fresh and innovative solutions to the ever-present maintenance challenges faced by the refining and petrochemical industries.

MIssion Statement

To safely, professionally, and efficiently serve the Energy and Chemical infrastructure market with quality services and products while respecting and preserving the environment

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Bison Specialty Services, LLC

We provide offsite maintenance solutions via a cutting-edge heat exchanger cleaning and repair facility. Rack-and-back transportation bookends our 24/7 turnkey service that includes shell and tube cleaning, waste treatment and disposal, and ASME code repair.