Project Case Studies

How We Innovate

We realize that real estate inside the fence may be limited.
Don’t have the space? We do.
Bison gets the job done with proactive, innovative planning and efficient execution.

Trailer transporting a pipe

Cycle Gas Cooler Cleaning & Testing

  • Location: Beaumont, Texas
  • Year: 2019
  • Detail: 318,000 lb Oversized vessel

Available work space inside our Customer’s facilities is sometimes rare. In this case, it was especially true for a 159 ST, 70’ L Cycle Gas Cooler. Additionally, the safety risk, partly due to overlapping crafts with multiple moving parts, is always a concern. The environmental exposure due to the presence of hazardous waste can also be a significant risk.

Bison’s facility, resources, and expertise allows for unique solutions that can address our Customer’s needs and concerns. 

A complete and full service solution was offered that included specialized transportation, mechanical breakdown, inspection, a customized hydroblasting process unique to Coolers, reassembling of heads and tensioning of head studs, hydrotesting, and preserving with a nitrogen blanket.

Because our offsite service can operate without the delays and work stoppages that may occur inside the fence, Bison was able to complete the project successfully and return the vessel much faster than if the project was performed onsite.

Oversized rotating blade

Asset Retirement - Fin Fans

  • Location: Beaumont, Texas
  • Year: 2019

During a major Turnaround, finding a sensible and cost-effective execution plan to retire (22) Fin Fan banks when resources are booked and available space can not be found, can be extremely difficult.

Bison approached our Customer with a solution that prevented project deferral, eliminated double handling, and provided the real estate to accommodate fluid removal and staging of all units.

Our team provided transportation resources to allow the fin fan units to move from the rack directly onto our trucks which prevented the need for staging inside the fence, saved the Customer time, and prevented multiple touches.

Bison’s craftsmen provided the breakdown of the units, including plug removal, and hydrolanced the tubes both for recycling and for IRIS testing. All units were then transferred to the Customer’s preferred recycling center.

Our execution plan accommodated the transport of complete units, inclusive of tube banks, motor, and fans which eliminated the need for disassembly onsite prior to removal of what would be multiple pieces. Doing so, saved the Customer from incurring hundreds of disassembly hours and also reduced the number of trucks on the road.

Benefits to our Customer included a single turnkey source, removal from site of significant risk to personnel and environment, and significant cost savings.

Flare pipe

Flare Pipe Demo

  • Location: Beaumont, Texas
  • Year: 2019

Our Customer in Beaumont, Texas was tasked with retiring their DCU2 Flare Pipe system. 

Risks in execution were identified due to the presence of pyrophoric materials, H2S and other potential harmful gases and hazardous waste. 

Bison proposed a turnkey solution that included the removal from site, remediation, metal disposal (recycler), and hazardous waste profiling and disposal.

Principal innovations of Bison’s execution plan included removal of all pipe and equipment from the Customer’s property, specialized transportation equipment with escorts, soaking vats, and hazardous waste isolation. Specialized PPE and monitoring equipment were required. Additionally, a Coordinator was assigned to communicate daily, and in real time, with the mechanical contractor so as to reduce or eliminate costs associated with delay and demurrage.

Bison prioritized removing the risk to health and the environment from inside the refinery on this project. Our solution was able to reduce our Customer’s exposure to risk and save the Customer money by eliminating the need for a temporary work area with containment, Customer supervision and HSE oversight, equipment support, and utilities. Bison executed successfully and was incident-free.

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