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Bison Specialty Services, LLC, established in 2016, is locally and privately owned and provides Turnaround & Maintenance solutions to the Refining & Petrochemical, Energy Infrastructure, and Power Industries. Our premier shop & yard, located in Beaumont, TX, was designed and built for heat exchanger cleaning and repair and is equipped with a closed-loop water recycling plant.

Mission Statement: To safely, professionally, and efficiently serve the Hydrocarbon marketplace with best in class quality services and products while respecting and preserving the environment

Beaumont Shop & Yard

HIGH AND DRY (No impact from Harvey nor Imelda)

  • NEW Fin Fan and oversize vessel cleaning pad
  • Chemical cleaning vat
  • Hydroblasting and Hydrolancing bays
  • Repair, Testing & Inspection areas
  • Radioactive Materials License
  • Radiological Materials Decontamination area
  • TCEQ K050 Large Waste Generating Permit
  • Closed-loop WWTP - Winner, Top Projects 2018,
    Industrial Water & Wastes Digest 
  • DOT-compliant trans fleet with environmentally-safe, fully contained and enclosed trailers

Why Bison?

Bison understands the criticality of our Customers’ expectations, including minimizing operational downtime, limiting risk, and maximizing equipment flow and heat transfer.

Our team provides solutions for a range of our Customer’s challenges - and with expectations in mind - from the common, including heat exchanger fouling, to more complex challenges including NORM-contaminated equipment or oversized equipment.

We want to help and our team of professionals is ready to go to work. We can start tonight.

Join Our Team

We recognize that our primary asset is our people. We are constantly looking for exceptional individuals with dedication and passion for their work. Bison Specialty Services, LLC is an equal opportunity employer that offers a rewarding work environment with competitive salaries. We are currently accepting applications for the position(s) listed below, please visit our office to fill out an application.