Services & Solutions

Bison Specialty Services, LLC provides project solutions to meet the needs of turnaround and maintenance. Whether offsite or infield, We can start tonight.

Onsite SPecialty Services

  • High pressure/high volume Heat Exchanger Hydroblasting and Hydrolancing
  • Fin Fan Cleaning - ODs & IDs
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Coordination with Offsite Location for seamless and simultaneous onsite and offsite project execution
    • Hydroblasting CIP + pad + offsite (shop)
  • Cycle Gas Cooler Hydrolancing
  • Demolition & Disposal

Offsite (Shop & Yard) Specialty Services

  • Heat Exchangers
    • Specialized, environmentally-secure transportation
    • Disassembly
    • Bundle Extraction
    • High pressure/high volume
      hydroblasting and hydrolancing
    • Citric acid vat wash
    • Mechanical repairs
    • Torqueing
    • Hydrotesting
  • Oversized vessel, exchanger hydrolancing (Ex. Cycle Gas Cooler)
  • Turnkey Asset Retirement (Ex. Complete fin fan unit - truck - Bison - disassembly - clean - recycle)
  • Pipe Clean/Treat/N2Purge & Blanket

Radioactive Materials (NORM) - Licensed by the State of Texas

Equipment fouling exists in many forms and in many cases, Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials may be present. Bison is prepared to solve your NORM challenges whether by site survey and consultation or turnkey remediation including radioactive waste disposal.

  • Turnkey, Licensed Solutions
  • Radioactive Materials (NORM) Decontamination
  • Radioactive Materials (NORM) Surveying and Monitoring
  • Radioactive Materials (NORM) Waste Disposal Solutions
  • Radioactive Materials (NORM) Transportation Management
  • Radioactive Materials (NORM) Laboratory Analysis

Bison Specialty Services provides comprehensive cleaning and waste disposal services for the Industrial and Oil and Gas markets, including Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (TENORM) and tracer/proppant materials. Our licensed professionals perform decommissioning, decontamination, and regulated disposal services. Bison also provides field services at temporary job sites for managing contaminated equipment, site remediation through release, surveying and sampling of waste streams, and equipment packaging for transportation as per US DOT regulations

Our NORM team has extensive experience and regulatory knowledge to identify and provide cost-effective solutions to manage a wide range of projects. We are ready to assist with project scope development, initial site assessment through the decontamination process, remediation of contaminated sites, and waste disposal and regulatory release

Temporary Equipment Solutions

  • Heat Exchanger Skid rental - Reduce downtime
  • Dewatering Box rental

Environmental and Emergency Services

  • 24/7 Response
  • Temporary Equipment
  • Natural Disaster Recovery Services
  • Pandemic Decontamination Services